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In an undisclosed backyard, somewhere in the mid-west, a plague has swept across the undergrowth, transforming arthropods and arachnids alike into mindless killing machines. The heroes of Shell game were once peace loving, cabbage munching snails that slowly lived out their lives in harmony with their insect neighbors. However, since the plague they are now battle hardened killers, hell bent on taking their home back from the deformed crawlers they once lived along side.

Shell Game is a side scrolling shooter, reminiscent of early arcade classics like Metal Slug and Streets of Rage. The objective is to make it through each stage of the yard, fighting through waves of crawlers that get in your way. Ultimately discovering the cause of the plague and destroying it.


Game Features

- Side scrolling shoot em up

-16 bit colour scheme

-Arcade style 256x192 resolution

-5 Unique Levels

-Multiple weapons to fight varied enemy types

-Boss battles that will challenge you

-Hidden weapons throughout each level

-Co-op mode to play with your friends

-8-bit sound track


P1 Controls

Move - Up, Down. Left, Right

Primary Weapon - Space

Secondary Weapon - TAB

P2 Controls

Move - W, A. S, D

Primary Weapon - N

Secondary Weapon - M


This is still a work in progress, with 5 completed levels to give a feel for the variety of enemies and weapons that will eventually be added to.

This Early access version of Shell Game is free to play


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Co-op mode is meaan! I hate those wasp thingys though, haha! Grenades are OP xD

Thanks kids!! Look out for an update coming soon, Im gona take a page outa both of your playbooks and actually finish the story lol XD

Such a great game, man! :D
The different weapon types are fullfilling and super cool. I love how you can play two player on this game. It's a lot of fun^^ You did well :D

Mean graphics, well executed varied gameplay, nice one bro!